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Hallsberg terminal linked to Railport Scandinavia

Publication date: 2012-06-28

Tags: maritime, sweden, overland, logistics

A new rail shuttle has been established between Port of Gothenburg and Hallsberg, which became the 22 town with a direct link to Railport Scandinavia.

The rail shuttle departs five days a week in both directions. The shuttle travels directly from the Hallsberg terminal to the Port of Gothenburg.

The Hallsberg terminal, owned by the local municipality and the Swedish logistics company Green Cargo, has three railway tracks (each 750 m in length), two reach stackers (lifting capacity up to 50 tn), 17,000 m2 of heated and 4,000 m2 of unheated warehousing space. The terminal offers a range of services adapted to different logistics and freight management needs, including storage, distribution and repacking of goods.

One of the reasons for linking the terminal with Gothenburg is that SCT Transport and its supplier Tågfrakt have moved their operating base from Örebro to Hallsberg.

Railport Scandinavia is a name for the rail shuttles operating to and from Port of Gothenburg. The system was established in 2002. At present, there are 24 daily rail shuttles between Gothenburg and 22 towns and cities throughout Sweden and Norway. Last year 374,000 containers were carried via the Railport Scandinavia system (+1.5% year-on-year).

"Swedish companies often face long distances to import and export markets and anything that can reduce the distance is vital to the competitiveness of industry" – commented Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg CEO.



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