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Ventspils' first cruise call

On July 24th, the Saga Sapphire is to dock in Ventspils in what will be the port's first cruise ship call.

Wärtsilä to equip the world's first LNG-run offshore construction vessel

The Finnish company will supply dual-fuel engines, the LNGPac fuel storage and supply system, the propulsion system, as well as provide a number of other services.

Lulea to grow with Malmporten

The Swedish Land and Environmental Court has given its green light for executing the Malmporten (Ore Gateway) project in the Port of Luleå.

DB Port Szczecin's new equipment

The terminal operator has put into operation one 42 tn of lifting capacity stacker from Kalmar as well as three 8 tn forklift trucks from Yale.

ICHCA invites for the 2nd TT Club Innovation in Safety Award

The global cargo handling NGO has opened the 2nd TT Club Innovation in Safety Award, inviting submissions from anyone involved in cargo logistics.

New warehouse in Gdynia

OT Port Gdynia, one of OT Logistics' subsidiaries, has opened a PLN 5.0 mln worth warehouse for agricultural products in the Port of Gdynia.


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BTJ 1/2017

We are very pleased to announce that the 1/2017 issue is ready and - as always - packed with various topics and articles.

BTJ 1/17 - Report: Baltic transport 2016 highlights

Last year, we opened the Baltic transport and logistics highlights report with gory news on the region's TEU volumes slaughterhouse, but this time we're exclusively in high spirits.

BTJ 1/17 - Focus: LNG

Natural gas is a triple-A resource - it is abundant, available, and affordable.

BTJ 1/17 - The cost of negligence. Transport operators' liability in Russia

TT Club, with the help of its Moscow and St. Petersburg based representative partner Panditrans,...

BTJ 1/17 - The eco-friendliest dry bulkers in the Baltic? VG EcoCoasters

While designing and then building a ship, all environmental challenges - such as an efficient fuel economy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, or...

BTJ 1/17 - Chop and change. Top 25 container carriers

Since the start of this millennium, Dynamar has been closely following the annual progress of the world's 25 largest container liner operators. 

BTJ 1/17 - Ideas-turned-business. The state of entrepreneurship in the Baltic

Entrepreneurship is one of the economy's drivetrains. 

BTJ 1/17 - To LNG or not to LNG. Supply-demand outlook for Liquefied Natural Gas

Natural gas is a triple-A resource - it is abundant, available, and affordable. 

BTJ 1/17 - Towards a new paradigm. Baltic lessons on maritime corporate social responsibility

In years 2012-2016, researchers from the Center for Maritime Studies at the University of Turku conducted the...


Volvo's first car

Exactly 90 years ago, on April 14th, the very first Öppen Vagn 4 cylindrar (ÖV4) hit the road, manufactured by Volvo (meaning "I roll" in Latin ) in its plant in Gothenburg.

Wheels that can swim

In our tireless quest for finding everything with "intermodality" in it, we came across a unit which is - contrary to other amphibious vehicles - more a vessel than a car.

On floats and skis

In the beginning of the industry many airlines started with a pier and a hut close to the shoreline because water was the cheapest runaway.

Without a toilet and entertainment

Do not confuse the presented aircraft with a racer or a fighter; the Northrop Alfa was a passenger plane, one of the most curious in this category.

Broken? Fix it and advertise

Looking for advertising ideas for maritime industries, we travelled far in time and space, and found the American shipyard Bethlehem Steel which repaired the tanker USS Maumee.


Baltic Ports Organization


Clean Shipping Performance in the Baltic Sea Region

Clean Shipping Performance in the Baltic Sea Region

9-10 May 2017 • SE/Gothenburg

transport logistic

transport logistic

9-12 May 2017 • DE/Munich

Propulsion & Emissions Conference

Propulsion & Emissions Conference

10-11 May 2017 • DE/Hamburg

Global Liner Shipping

Global Liner Shipping

16-17 May 2017 • DE/Hamburg

LNG Conference

LNG Conference

17-18 May 2017 • EE/Tallinn

The Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum

The Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum

23-24 May 2017 • GR/Athens

Grain & Maritime Days

Grain & Maritime Days

23-27 May 2017 • UA/Odessa

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