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SOL grows in size

The Gothenburg-located Swedish Orient Line has recently took in three ships, as well as enhanced its Gothenburg-Zeebrugge ro-ro service.

Stena re-focuses its Latvian services

As for January 3rd, 2017, the shipping company will re-direct four of its existing Germany-Latvia and Sweden-Latvia links, leaving in place two of them.

New terminal in Kvarken Ports up & running

Backman-Trummer have commissioned their 3,300 m2 big cargo terminal in the Finnish Port of Vaasa.

CMA CGM/OPDR Baltic-extends the AGAX 2 service

The shipping companies have seasonally extended their North Europe-Morocco container service, adding the ports of Riga, Bronka, and St. Petersburg to the loop.

Stena Nordica temporarily returns to the Baltic

The ferry, chartered to Grandi Navi Veloci and recently sailing in the Mediterranean, will return to the Baltic Sea to replace Stena's other ferries for a short period.

Princess Maria joins Moby Lines

DFDS Seaways (the owner) and St. Peter Line (the charterer) have handed over the ferry Princess Maria to its new operator, the Milan-based Moby Lines.


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BTJ 5/2016

We are very pleased to announce that the 5/2016 issue is ready and - as always - packed with various topics and articles.

BTJ 5/16 - Report: Baltic bulk market

The EU is one of the key players on the global agricultural arena.

BTJ 5/16 - Focus: European rail & road developments

Efficient cargo transports are essential for keeping any economy in the world expanding and alive. 

BTJ 5/16 - Special: Cities as new leadership centres

Back in 1990 some 43% (approx. 2.3 bln) of the global population lived in cities, whereas now 54% (3.9 bln) can be called urban dwellers. 

BTJ 5/15 - Explosion & fire risk. The handling of dangerous goods in global trade

I, personally, as the Risk Management Director of specialist freight transport insurer TT Club, am concerned that...

BTJ 5/16 - The 0.5% global sulphur cap. Technology key to meeting new marine fuel market challenges

The marine fuel market is experiencing a significant transformation. 

BTJ 5/16 - Small-scale LNG. Is the potential still there?

Some fie years ago small-scale LNG (ssLNG) was considered new and exotic, with only a few early-established players having practical market experience. 

BTJ 5/16 - The right decision. Interview with Emil Vranjancu, the Port of Halland's Commercial Director

Some two years ago we travelled to Halmstad to ask Emil about the joint port authority on the Baltic, the Swedish Port of Halland, … 

BTJ 5/16 - Policy off the rails. The condition of rail freight transport in the EU

This year’s report Rail freight transport in the EU: Still not on the right track produced by the European Court of Auditors on the condition of railway transport in the EU ...   


Anniversaries: Klaipeda's two-times 25 years

"Time flies," is what we hear and very often say at this time of year after realizing that most of it haspassed, and what's even more merciless, that it sometimes went by unnoticed.

False Titanic

Could Titanic have sailed near the Statue of Liberty on her maiden and only voyage?

Ambulance on the sea

Several years ago the Danish Post has issued a series of stamps devoted to Danish-made aircrafts.


In this column we usually look at the past. Now let's also look to the future.

Traveller's trunk sticker

The picture presents a suitcase/traveller's trunk sticker, used on the pre-WW2 liners of Norddeutscher Lloyd.


Baltic Ports Organization


Marine Fuels and Lubricants

Marine Fuels and Lubricants

7-8 December 2016 • NL/Rotterdam

Second Annual Stakeholders Conference

Second Annual Stakeholders Conference

8 December 2016 • BE/Brussels

Marener 2017

Marener 2017

24-25 January 2017 • SE/Malmö

Eurowaterways 2017

Eurowaterways 2017

31 January-2 February 2017 • FR/Paris

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

6 March 2017 • UK/London

Transport Week 2017

Transport Week 2017

7-9 March 2017 • PL/Sopot

Gasification 2017

Gasification 2017

15-16 March 2017 • FI/Helsinki

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